Infrared Sauna: The New Age Immune-Booster

An infrared sauna is not your typical gym sauna. Rather than blasting you with an overwhelming dry heat like traditional saunas, an infrared sauna burns low and slow, raising your body temperature in precise ways to detoxify, heal, and support. In fact, you might not even sweat in a typical infrared sauna session. The exact science lies in the varying lengths of infrared waves — near, mid, and far — and their ability to penetrate deeply and heal on a molecular level.   

Especially at this time of year in Greenwich, you’ll find us spending extra sessions in our infrared sauna!

Move Over Vitamin C

Infrared saunas are especially therapeutic and restorative during cold and flu season. They keep our immune systems primed in a number of ways. The combination of wave energies revs overall cellular energy, thus increasing our antibody count. Secondly, infrared saunas mimic a fever, which is our body’s natural way of increasing our core temperature to fight off illness.

By stimulating our immune function, infrared saunas make the body less habitable for bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C powders may be your go-to once you get a little sniffle, but consistent infrared sauna use is the perfect way to ward off illness before it strikes. 

Benefits Beyond Immunity

The physical benefits are multi-faceted. Infrared sauna use has been scientifically proven to boost endorphins and decrease cortisol. In other words, it can help put a smile on your face and help you de-stress. In a season where gray skies and the threat of getting sick looms ever near, anti-stressors are most welcome!

We love enhancing the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of an infrared sauna session. Try a meditation, reading a good book, or listening to our favorite music. We even stay off social media for a true detox.

What to Expect

To fully experience the infrared sauna benefits, we recommend coming for sessions at least twice a week. Immediately after a sauna session you may notice that your skin glows and you feel more energized and refreshed. It will take a handful of sessions before the body acclimates and begins to experience the power of infrared light therapy. 

To learn more about Sunlighten infrared saunas and if it is the right treatment for you, call our Greenwich office at 203.764.2230 or email us at

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